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The domain of Breivelde

The Domain of Breivelde, situated in Grotenberge, is a nice charming park with a real arboretum. Zottegem owns the domain since 1970.

The Domain of Breivelde presents a 19th century garden with more than 190 trees, including 54 different species and varieties. It is a clear example of the romantic style in which the wild natural beauty has been respected. All the tricks and techniques described in the professional literature of that time have been used in the planning.

The domain is divided into three areas. At the centre, there is a magnificent park which is surrounded by wooded borders. The park and the castle are inseparable. They form one unit consisting of an extended grass field and magnificent ponds. If you have a close look at the water, you will see your own shadow and that of the castle. The clear water is like a real mirror, reflecting the beautiful surroundings.

Are you rather romantic and do you like the unspoilt nature, then you certainly have to take a walk in the park. Enjoy the beautiful ponds, the babbling water and the wonderful waterfalls.

Water plays a leading role in the Domain of Breivelde. It is a real English water garden with ponds and waterfalls. The lakes are constructed on different levels and are connected with one another. This made it possible to create little "mountain rivers" with charming waterfalls and moss-covered rocks. The swampy ground and the borders offer excellent growing conditions to a number of plants. The domain in its entirety has got a very playful character because of the changing effects and the optical fiddling.

Actually, the domain is full of surprises. It is like each area tells its own story and this, of course, makes it a very attractive park for walkers. Different levels, beautiful ponds, some splendid vistas, a conscious choice of trees… they are all part of a never-ending feast. Even in winter it is a real spectacle with evergreens and conifers.

When planning the domain ( about 1890), the architect paid a lot of attention to the plantation of trees. An inventory made between 1985 and 1986 mentions 190 trees, including 54 different species and varieties.

The forest is a combination of different types of wood. There is a wide variety of trees s.a. oaks, beeches, ash- and maple trees, lime trees, poplars… but there are also different types of shrubs s.a. rowan, hazel, elder, hawthorn and guelder rose.

In the forest, you can also discover more than 226 kinds of herbs. Some have been cultivated because they are rather rare plants. You can admire foxglove, tongue fern, bedstraw, hawkweed, enchanter"s nightshade… .

Some very rare species and a few splendid specimen give the domain an exceptional value. Here you can admire a cypress measuring 2.5 m around. A dozen of these trees have been planted on an island in a pond and that is also why they are of great importance for the wonderful view of the park. Three blue cedars, measuring between 3.20 and 4.30 m around, have branches from top to bottom and because of this they are a splendid cooling-off place on a hot summer day. Other trees of importance are a Chinese cypress, a huge mammoth tree, a wonderful tree of life and a tulip tree.

Here in the shade of the trees, you can still enjoy peace  and quiet!

The domain has been laid out more than hundred years ago and during that period it has developed into a magnificent and valuable area. On 2 July 1982 it was decreed that the domain should be protected.

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